Sunday, April 5, 2009

70/4 brick

Michael H. and Andrew S. met up for a bike ride Saturday morning, along with a future tri-team member who will transfer to UNT next year to help us win races.

We left the rec center at around 9 am and rode around Denton for a little while, then headed up into Sanger to the gas station at 455 & 5th. We stopped to refill on Gatorade and some little girls helped us out us with their delicious bake sale cookies.

We headed back into a headwind for the next 10 miles before turning onto Jim Christal and taking that down until we hit C. Wolfe/Skiles and taking that down to Hwy 156. On the way back to Jim Christal, Andrew had to turn back to Denton since he was under a time constraint (and had already extended his 2 hour ride to just over 3 hours). Future tri-team member and I headed the long way down Jim Christal, then headed back to my apartment.

We spent ~5 minutes in my apartment throwing on our running shoes and ran a 4 mile brick around campus and up Hickory/Oak. My legs were strong and I ran sub-8's, while future tri-team member bonked! We got him to Pita Pit immediately for some nourishment.

All in all, it was a great day for a long workout. Good friends, good weather and exercise. That's what training should be!

Michael H.

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  1. yeah my computer said I went 60 miles...I am happy with that, and I went almost 4 last few miles took me a while because I was "noodling" my way back cursing the wind :P. But overall it was a good ride....we should use those routes on a rotation for saturday rides on a regular basis, and every once in a while do the full thing

    Andrew S