Wednesday, April 8, 2009

the lonestar festival was amazing! there were zillons and zillons of people there! i did the sprint on saturday which was more windy but not as hot as sunday's races. chris was the only other sprinter from UNT to race-- all our other athletes took on the oly. i realized i should probably be more organized and what not, i forgot my cap...and wetsuit....and gels at morgan's place on race morning. my T1 was a fieasco, with one rubber band not breaking, and the other shoe becoming unclipped...still attached to the rubberband and my bike being literally stuck on someone elses. and i totally practiced all that good stuff the day before with miss morgan. the bike was wonky, i was suppose to go today to get it fixed, but the shop is too busy :( so hopefully sometime before nationals-or i cry. the run wasnt too bad physically, but mentally i was drained. i dont like courses that you can see all the runners ahead of you still going out, it makes it seem longer. but thats okay cause all in all i think i did okay. debating a wetsuit for nationals....i dont know weither the T1 time will be outweighed by the leg flotation and what not. k, hope all that made sense im going to get ready for the TT.

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