Monday, March 30, 2009

cause im super woman? yes.

ran the square and back. it was like orgasmically perfect....untill my IT band tightened up, and my knees felt like they were going to pop. why does this happen? i got new chews on, they are as close as they come to what i thought was the right pair. could it be the chews, my running style (which andrew says my right leg kinda does this circling thing and actually i dont really know how to direct my legs....i say, legs go! and sometimes they listen, sometimes i watch a movie instead....) ANYWHO, ran then swam with andrew at the rec. planned on 2000 yds. okay funny story, last thursday i was in my basketball class and we did this super fast calisthenics thing where you did the most you won. well the team i was on lost. but my back was UBER sore from passing soo much i guess. this soreness has yet to let up! so i was crawling along today in the pool and every hundred or so i'd just die. ended up doing like 15-1700 instead. its good to get those muscles moving im sure. and it felt good to wear my new unt tri team swim cap! yay working out!

Friday, March 27, 2009

beautiful day for ridin!!!!!

went ridin this morning, I almost forgot how much I enjoyed waking up before the sun comes up to workout...brings back wonderful memories. anyway it was kinda wet and cool this morning, I had a tail wind going out and had a slight head wind on the way back. well thats about it, it was quite uneventful so I will leave it at that. Happy training!

Monday, March 23, 2009

our banner should arrive tomorrow! woot! and i did a 1650 TT in the water tonight which felt mighty fine! actually the first few hundreds sucked bananas--but im a second half person anyway. i kept count by alternating breathing patterns every hundred, also helped keep me sane! actually andrew was the "offical counter" but i ended up counting correctly in my head. at about the 800 mark i start to pick it up. i have no clue why. but i ended up going a 23:59. which isn't my best by any means, but all i was hoping for was under 24 and i made it by a hair (and a true balls to the wall last 100!)


Sunday, March 22, 2009

official monkey buisness

our official swim caps are in and they look snazzy!!!
KEIFER did an awsome job! i can't wait to bust one out at the pool. yum. im so excited everything is finally coming together! the jerseys are getting close, and our banner should be arriving soon too! we will have lots to talk about at the next meeting--and that makes me happy!

Monday, March 16, 2009


yesterday morning I got up around 7:45 to go out for a nice and cold run, I ran around the lake in my grandparents neighborhood twice plus some (its about 1.5 mile around). I did a short run because after 10 hours in a car i needed to see if my legs could still function properly. needless to say my legs still function.
Andrew S

Saturday, March 14, 2009

st pattys day triathlon

and i'm still thawing out.... but finally getting back into racing was fun! as always with the begining of a race season, i need polishing on some things.
temperature this morning in keller, tx was around 43 degrees so i decided to attept layers on the bike portion to discourage any form of the flu, but in T1 the jersey just didn't wanna go on-and in the back of my head i thought of morgan's coach, aaron, hounding us on our transition skills and speeds. so i nixed the jersey idea and headed out for the bike course in my paper thin speedo one-piece. cycling today didn't feel too cold for me, probably because i wore gloves. my legs didn't hurt either, they were numb and red :) but thats the way i like them (no pain). Even after getting my bike (Hal) fitted by a local bike shop, i dont think my fung shui is accurate yet. my knees still hit my boobs in areo position! Hal and I weren't friends on the last leg of the loop that goes through the neighbor hood--haven't figured out why yet. okay then T2 came in which i managed to lose my timing chip for a brief amount of time. thank goodness for the nice people at the run-out exit--so i doubled back, grabbed the chip, returned it to my leg, and headed out for the run...oh the run.... i felt slow but steady-untill mile two. then my right inner ankle area got real tense and i couldn't go further with my footwear. so it took it off. shoes in hands i ran the last mile (where lauren flew by like a jet plane). by the end of that mile, those shoes felt like ten pound weights in each hand--i really just wanted to chuck them into the woods for like a homeless guy or something, but i think that would cause a penalty of some sort.... i didn't deam it safe to try my new transition skills due to the cool weather-but there is always galveston (which will hopefully be warmer!)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Take a Hike Ike

First team race of the season - too bad it sold out before anyone could register!!! But I was lucky and got in on time, so this weekend Mandy and Andrew and myself drove down to Houston for some chilly triathlon fun. Highlights of the trip included transition practice in the hotel parking lot, wetsuit stripping practice in the unheated hotel pool (the staff pretty much thought we were nuts), walking the beach in Galveston, and chasing each other with my helmet. Also, I placed second in my AG and 8th over-all (unofficially - still waiting for official results to be posted). The triathlon was changed to a duathlon due to 40 degree temps, choppy waters, and a lot of first-timers (potentially dangerous combo), so it ended up being 3.5 mile run, 10.8 mile bike, 3.5 mile run. I'll admit - I gave a cheer when I found out I didn't have to get in the 54 degree water!!! I don't care how good your wetsuit is... that is never fun... and mine is sleeveless... The whole race was pretty much supposed to be at training pace, so I took it pretty easy. Averaged 8-ish miles on the run, and averaged 17-18 on the bike. Still had plenty of energy crossing the finish line.

Unfortunately, I smashed my TT bike driving back to Denton - DISASTER! So I'm trying to figure out how to get it replaces at the moment... until then, the old road bike will have to do.