Saturday, March 14, 2009

st pattys day triathlon

and i'm still thawing out.... but finally getting back into racing was fun! as always with the begining of a race season, i need polishing on some things.
temperature this morning in keller, tx was around 43 degrees so i decided to attept layers on the bike portion to discourage any form of the flu, but in T1 the jersey just didn't wanna go on-and in the back of my head i thought of morgan's coach, aaron, hounding us on our transition skills and speeds. so i nixed the jersey idea and headed out for the bike course in my paper thin speedo one-piece. cycling today didn't feel too cold for me, probably because i wore gloves. my legs didn't hurt either, they were numb and red :) but thats the way i like them (no pain). Even after getting my bike (Hal) fitted by a local bike shop, i dont think my fung shui is accurate yet. my knees still hit my boobs in areo position! Hal and I weren't friends on the last leg of the loop that goes through the neighbor hood--haven't figured out why yet. okay then T2 came in which i managed to lose my timing chip for a brief amount of time. thank goodness for the nice people at the run-out exit--so i doubled back, grabbed the chip, returned it to my leg, and headed out for the run...oh the run.... i felt slow but steady-untill mile two. then my right inner ankle area got real tense and i couldn't go further with my footwear. so it took it off. shoes in hands i ran the last mile (where lauren flew by like a jet plane). by the end of that mile, those shoes felt like ten pound weights in each hand--i really just wanted to chuck them into the woods for like a homeless guy or something, but i think that would cause a penalty of some sort.... i didn't deam it safe to try my new transition skills due to the cool weather-but there is always galveston (which will hopefully be warmer!)


  1. Yeah... it was pretty awesome seeing you come in barefoot!! I liked having numb legs on the bike as well... it made those hills less hilly!!

  2. Yes I was DQ'ed... Now I know to look over the courses before I race them :)