Monday, March 30, 2009

cause im super woman? yes.

ran the square and back. it was like orgasmically perfect....untill my IT band tightened up, and my knees felt like they were going to pop. why does this happen? i got new chews on, they are as close as they come to what i thought was the right pair. could it be the chews, my running style (which andrew says my right leg kinda does this circling thing and actually i dont really know how to direct my legs....i say, legs go! and sometimes they listen, sometimes i watch a movie instead....) ANYWHO, ran then swam with andrew at the rec. planned on 2000 yds. okay funny story, last thursday i was in my basketball class and we did this super fast calisthenics thing where you did the most you won. well the team i was on lost. but my back was UBER sore from passing soo much i guess. this soreness has yet to let up! so i was crawling along today in the pool and every hundred or so i'd just die. ended up doing like 15-1700 instead. its good to get those muscles moving im sure. and it felt good to wear my new unt tri team swim cap! yay working out!

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